Our Eighth Grade program consists of Yakama Culture, Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education and also drumming and sing. The expectations are set to prepare our students for the high school preperation.  Each course integrates a variety of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Students are placed in an atmosphere that learning can be achieved individually or in a group setting to reach their maximum potential.  They will get one-on-one attention with the teachers and have an opportunity to receive and give peer help.  Our goal is to encourage our students in a positive and fun learning environment. 

Tribal Government 

Study of the rights & regulations of all Tribes In government and court cases regarding Treaties, and documents of agreement between Tribes and the U.S. Government. Student awareness of how the Sovereignty and rights of the Indigenous people of the U.S. differ from other citizens.

Yakama Language

Students studies the Sahaptin (Ichiskin) first language of the northwest plateau tribes. The plateau tribes consist of Yakama, Colville, Umatilla, Warm Springs of Oregon and Nez Perce of Idaho. Students are required to take two years of the language Class where they will learn to speak, read and write in the Sahaptin language. Parents, community members and elders are often involved in assisting and teaching in the language class. 

School Curriculum
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