Information for Parents


YNTS administration will determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused at the time of prearrangement or upon communication with parent/guardian following the absence:

  1. EXCUSED absences from school include: illness, quarantine, medical/dental services, cultural ceremonies (i.e., funeral, name giving, memorials, medicine dances, Longhouse ceremonies, root feasts’ preparation), court appearances or serving as a member of a jury.
  2. A student who has an EXCUSED absence must complete missed work.
  3. Make up work will be given upon request and turned into teacher upon return.
  4. Students are not allowed to check themselves out, unless they are 18 years of age and have written consent from their parent/guardian, however, school attendance policies still apply.



  1. In connection with maintaining a closed campus, classroom doors will be locked after the first late bell has rung. It will be the student’s responsibility to check in at the front desk and to get an admit slip BEFORE attending class.
  2. Upon return to school, students have two days to excuse an absence.
  3. Parent/guardian will be notified for every absence per class period by an automated phone call/text/or email.
  4. Three unexcused absences or tardies is equivalent to missing a full day of classes.



YNTS provides services through the Improvement Plan (IP) and Probation Performance Contract (PPC). An improvement plan (academic, attendance, behavioral, or disciplinary) is an agreement between the YNTS, parent or guardian, and the student that lists specific behaviors the parties will perform and the consequences that will result if IP is not implemented; it also provides for informed consent from the student and results in an improved situation for all concerned.

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