Information for Parents


The Home Liaison will determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused at the time of prearrangement or upon communication with parent/guardian following the absence:

  1. The only EXCUSED absences from school are: illness, quarantine, medical,  dental services, cultural ceremonies (i.e., name giving, memorials, medicine dances, Longhouse ceremonies, root feasts’ preparation), the funeral of members of students’ family, court appearances or serving as a member of a jury.
  2. A student who has an EXCUSED absence must fulfill the course requirements for earning grades, credit, and advancement towards graduation.
  3. Students may request and be given make-up work assignment for credit prior to or following an excused absence whenever make-up work is appropriate, feasible, and completed in a timely manner.
  4. Any student that checks out of school or arrives after 10:00AM is not allowed to return back to school unless they have note from the doctor, dentist, court, or funeral. Hand written notes from home will not be acceptable for admittance to school and the student will be sent home unless they have proper documentation for the appropriate facility.
  5. Students are not allowed to check themselves out even if over 18 (this includes lunch).
  6. No student will be admitted to class after an absence without an ADMIT SLIP from the attendance clerk, In connection with maintaining a closed campus doors will be locked after the first block late bell has rung. It will be the students responsibility to check in at the front desk and to get an admit slip BEFORE CLASS, students will bring a dated note from their parent or guardian stating the reason for the absence. Parents can also call the school in place of a written note at 865-4778
  7. Students who return to school after an absence and do not have an excused documentation will be given an unexcused admittance. If the absence is not cleared with a note or phone call within two days, it will be treated as unexcused.
  8. After three unexcused absence in a month, the school is required to inform the parent in writing or by phone.
  9. After three unexcused absences the home liaison will place the student onto the Improvement Plan to avoid excessive absences. At this time, Home Liaison will initiate contact with the family to schedule a Staffing to ensure that it is in understanding that attendance policy is enforced.
  10. After five unexcused absences and ten excused absences the student will be dropped, the parent or guardian will be given alternative educational opportunities with institutions such as; Wellpinit, Heritage, and YVCC GED programs within the community. A student that is dropped may be asked to be successful at the institutions mention prior to entry back at YNTS at the change of the Semester.



YNTS provides several services through the IP and PPA. An improvement plan (academic, behavioral, or disciplinary) is an agreement between the YNTS, parent or guardian, and the student that lists specific behaviors the parties will perform and the consequences that will result if IP is not implemented; it also provides for informed consent from the student and results in an improved situation for all concerned.

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